Our Business Impact Workshop

for Your Business Success

customer success

You are busy, we get it. Maybe the delivery of consistent training, reinforcement and coaching is not you or your managers strong suit. Maybe the training you deliver is not achieving the results you are seeking. Maybe your new hires are not getting the training and reinforcement they need, when they need it.  Any of these factors can cost you in high employee turnover and lower guest satisfaction.

'You must inspect what you expect'

Our Business Impact workshop is designed to help you and your business become more successful. The workshop incorporates the implementation of Arcade Chef for effective training and reinforcement. But let's not serve the main course before the starter.  Before implementing Arcade Chef, we will work with you to understand the results you are trying to achieve.

Our Business Impact Process workshop is laser focused on the targeted results you want to achieve, and the knowledge and behaviors required to achieve them. 


Business Impact process steps include:

  1. An introductory phone meeting to understand your business/training improvement goals

  2. Live on site workshop to determine the knowledge and behaviors required of your team to achieve your goals

  3. Agreeing the metrics we will measure and monitor how you are tracking against your goals

  4. Agreeing the training and reinforcement plan to sustain the required knowledge and behaviors

  5. Monthly best practice webinars to help you get maximum value from Arcade Chef

  6. 1-1 Coaching calls to review the dashboards/training metrics, and to correlate training results with your business improvement goals

  7. Recommendations for the fine tuning of training/reinforcement/coaching

  8. Rinse and repeat steps 1-7 on an ongoing basis

Note- The workshop includes virtual via video calls, an on site meeting, and off site development of deliverables.  For multi-site or chains, please contact us for a quote.  We will explain the details, actions and next steps on a ‘kick-off’ call with your leadership team.  Please feel free to email us or use the contact us form below to schedule a call to discuss any questions.