Provide Consistent Training, Reinforcement, Quizzes, and Surveys

Why does it work?

The development of an effective Learning and Development program requires skills, knowledge, and expertize in Adult Learning Theory, Cognitive Science, and Instructional Design.  Our team of experienced restaurant and training industry pro's are here for you. Our mission is for you to benefit from our online restaurant training expertize by offering an effective and user-friendly system for Attracting, Engaging, Training, and Retaining 'A' Players.  Your managers will have the systems, processes, and tools to train and coach your team. 

Fun and Engaging Training and Testing that Delivers Results


Games Engage Your Team

Today's modern workers do not have the patience for lectures and boring 'page turner' training.  Games create a connection with your team members.  We use game mechanics that makes learning fun, while driving long term knowledge retention.

Training Your Team Will Love

There is a big difference between having to take training and wanting to learn.  Our goal is to provide game based learning experiences your team will love to play.  We are dedicated to creating great learning experiences for your team.

Training That Delivers Results

Training that does not deliver measurable performance improvement or business results is a waste of everyone's time.  We utilize xAPI to record meaningful training data. We couple the data with a Customer Success process to support you on an ongoing basis, to help drive measurable results for your business.

Arcade Chef utilizes an extremely simple and powerful way to train your team called Retrieval practice. Retrieval practice is a strategy of calling information to mind to  enhance learning and check knowledge. Deliberately recalling information forces us to pull our knowledge “out” and examine what we know. In order to improve learning, we must approach it through a new lens – instead of trying to cram information “in,” we focus on getting information “out.” 

Our Customer Success team will help you get up and running quickly with our easy to implement Training & Quizzing Playbook. 


How many team members and locations can access the games?

Unlimited team members (per location) in any role can access an unlimited number quizzes and games. If you have more than 1 location, please contact us for discounted pricing.

How many Admins/managers can create games or access the dashboards?

The standard pricing includes 1 Admin access to create games, access dashboards, training records and reports.  For up to 10 additional Admins, there is an additional fee of $475 per Admin.  If you have more than 1 location or require more than 10 Admin's, please contact us for discounted Admin access rates.

More questions?

Just as you want to provide a great experience for your guests, we want to provide a great experience for you, your managers, and your team.  we also want to make sure you get off to a productive start. Please feel free to schedule a call or chat now, or phone us on +1.866.232.4588.  We look forward to serving you!