Use the Power of Gamification to Engage
and Train Your Restaurant or Hotel Team

Do you deliver paper based menu tests, recipe tests and other quizzes, tests, and training for your team?

Save your valuable time and money spent printing, distributing, collecting, marking, and providing feedback with paper based quizzes, tests, and training.

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Customizable Games

Each game can be customized with splash screen, logo, text, and user log-in details.

Quiz Authoring Tool

You have complete control of the question content, types of questions, correct or incorrect feedback, passing criteria, and answer times.

Learning Data Dashboards Reports and Leaderboards 

Access user friendly dashboards with detailed data about your team and individual progress, question scores, game duration, and leaderboards.

Pineapple Launch

Our server loves to deliver hospitality on a silver platter.  Doing so involves quick thinking and adapting to circumstances.  Get the questions right, and take the hospitality pineapple into the stratosphere.

Server Sprint

Our server has been asked to deliver a food order to another restaurant across town.  The challenge is all the other delivery traffic on the road.  As long as the server can dodge the traffic and answer the questions correctly, the server will have a chance to get into the restaurant and deliver the order.

Order Up!

The rush is on!  The chef is in the kitchen and is expediting for dinner service.  The server has to get to the kitchen as quickly as possible, dodging obstacles and answering questions along the way.

Mise en Place

Our chef in training has been assigned to get everything prepared and ready for cooking tonight.  Match and organize the food, and answer all the questions correctly, for a special bonus.

Photo Bombed

What is right or wrong with the picture? Maybe something is missing, or something shouldn't be there.  Maybe you just need to correctly identify what you see.  This is a great game for topics like menu testing, recipes, station set up, food hygiene, and safety.

User Friendly Admin Console and Performance Dashboards

The Admin console and Dashboards are intuitive to use and deliver comprehensive training data 

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Fun and Engaging Training and Testing that Delivers Results

Games Engage Your Team

Today's modern workers do not have the patience for lectures, paper based quizzes,  and boring 'page turner' eLearning.  Games create a connection with your team members.  We use gamification mechanics that makes learning fun, while driving long term knowledge retention.

Training Your Team Will Love

There is a big difference between having to take training and wanting to learn.  Our goal is to provide game based learning experiences your team will love to play.  We are dedicated to creating great learning quiz experiences for your team, which includes adding a new game to Arcade Chef every month.

Training That Delivers Results

Training that does not deliver measurable performance improvement or business results is a waste of everyone's time.  We utilize xAPI to capture and record meaningful training and performance data. We couple the data with a Customer Success process to support you on an ongoing basis, to help drive measurable results for your business.

Provide Consistent Training, Reinforcement, Quizzes, and Tests

Consistency is essential to your long term success. Your valued guests want to know they will be receiving the same high quality experience, food, and service every time they visit your restaurant. 

The development of an effective Learning and Development program requires skills, knowledge, and expertize in Adult Learning Theory, Cognitive Science, and Instructional Design.  Our team of experienced restaurant and training industry pro's are here for you. Our mission is for you to benefit from our L&D expertize by offering an effective and user friendly system for Attracting, Engaging, Training, and Retaining 'A' Players.  Your managers will have the systems, processes and tools to train and coach your team. 

Games can be played on any device with an internet connection, including your POS.